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Mosque Building

Ismail Anjuman Ara Welfare Trust has undertaken a commendable Mosque Building Project, contributing to the spiritual well-being of the Muslim community. The trust has successfully constructed several mosques, fostering a peaceful environment for prayer and spiritual reflection. Notable mosques built under this project include:

  • Adhunagar Baitul Falah Jame Masjid Bhavan (Double Storey)
  • Adhunagar Khanhat Jame Masjid Bhawan (Double Storey)
  • Adhunagar Sardani Para Jame Masjid Bhavan
  • Adhunagar Saudagar Para Jame Masjid Bhavan
  • Adhunagar Harina Janumia Para Jame Masjid Bhavan
  • Chunti Baramiaji and Chhota Miyaji Para Jame Masjid Bhavan
  • Election Mao. Habib Saheb Huzur Jame Masjid Bhavan
  • Three-storied Jame Masjid Bhavan in Lohagara Sadar Centre
  • Jame Masjid building inside Amirabad Fort
  • Lohagara Fetangazi Para Jame Masjid Bhavan
  • Dakshin Lohagara Sukhchharikul Adam Pond Bank Jame Masjid Bhawan
  • Aziznagar Jame Masjid Building (Special Grant)

These mosques stand as symbols of peace and unity, providing spaces where the Muslim community can come together for prayers and reflection. Ismail Anjuman Ara Welfare Trust’s commitment to creating serene environments for worship underscores its dedication to promoting spiritual harmony and fostering a sense of community among believers.

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