Housing Projects for Homeless People

Ismail Anjuman Ara Welfare Trust is dedicated to alleviating housing challenges faced by the homeless, landless, poor, and low-income populations. Through its housing project, the trust has made significant strides, constructing 160 houses using both concrete and semi-concrete materials. This initiative has brought newfound hope and stability to numerous helpless families, granting them a place to call home. The beneficiaries are immensely grateful to the trust for this life-changing support, which has fostered a sense of happiness and security within the community.

Ismail Anjuman Ara Welfare Trust not only constructs houses but also provides registered land to the homeless, enabling them to secure a future. Through this initiative, the trust addresses housing needs comprehensively, granting both shelter and ownership to those in need. With this unique approach, the project not only offers a roof over their heads but also empowers beneficiaries with a tangible asset, fostering a sense of security and stability for a brighter tomorrow.


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  1. Write a check payable to "Ismail Anjuman Ara Welfare Trust"
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    Ismail Anjuman Ara Welfare Trust
    111 Not A Real St.
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