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Ismail Anjuman Ara Welfare Trust actively fosters education by providing scholarships at various academic levels, including primary, secondary, higher secondary, and higher education. These scholarships are awarded to meritorious students, benefiting hundreds of individuals. The trust’s dedication to supporting education and nurturing young talents has resulted in the empowerment of numerous students who have been recognized for their achievements through these valuable scholarships.


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To make an offline donation toward this cause, follow these steps::

  1. Write a check payable to "Ismail Anjuman Ara Welfare Trust"
  2. On the memo line of the check, indicate that the donation is for "Ismail Anjuman Ara Welfare Trust"
  3. Mail your check to:

    Ismail Anjuman Ara Welfare Trust
    111 Not A Real St.
    Anytown, CA 12345

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