Buildings constructed for educational institutions by trust

Ismail Anjuman Ara Welfare Trust has made significant contributions to advancing education in rural areas through the construction of essential educational buildings.

These structures include:

  • Two separate 3rd and 4th storied buildings for Adhunagar Islamia Kamil Madrasa (Male).
  • A 6th-storied building for Adhunagar Islamia Kamil Madrasa (Female).
  • A 5th-storied hostel for Adhunagar Islamia boys.
  • A 3rd storied safehouse and library for Adhunagar Islamia.
  • A 5th-storied building for Adhunagar High School and Polytechnic institution.
  • A two-storied building for Adhunagar Akhtaria Dakhil Madrasa.
  • A two-storied building for Hazrat Ayesha Siddiqua Razi Allah tala Anha Mohila Madrasa.

These efforts signify the trust’s commitment to rural education development, aiming to bring educational opportunities closer to the rural populace. By establishing these educational institutions, Ismail Anjuman Ara Welfare Trust is actively contributing to the spread of knowledge and empowerment of rural communities, fostering a brighter future through accessible education.


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